Davison Home Bakery

Proudly Serving Davison Since 1947

Davison Home Bakery originally opened in 1947, owned and operated by Fred Fortner, longtime resident of Davison.  When he retired, the business was taken over by his son, Fred “Mac” Fortner, Jr.  Mac, a former mayor of the City of Davison, sold the business in July 2008 to Tom Burget.  Tom opened the bakery in August, after it had been closed for more than a year.

“We make it our priority to give back whenever possible.”

In the cookie of life, friends are chocolate chips.

– Salman Rushdie

Here Is What Some Of Our Customers Have To Say:

Monday - Closed

Tuesday - Friday: 5am-6pm
Saturday: 5am-4pm


331 N. Main Street | Davison, MI 48423